Managed Services Journey with a Bank

Date: July 2019

Bridging The Worlds

As with most of the IT Managed Services Projects, the beginning is always the toughest part of a long, challenging but yet extremely fulfilling journey.

Using the industry widely recognized IT Service Management methodology, known as ITIL Framework (IT Infrastructure Library), upon project award, we quickly move into project planning, information gathering, defining RACI, translating contractual Statement of Work into operational guides, and many more.

As the famous saying goes "Being prepared is half the battle won", the team focuses tremendous effort in getting the things right from the very get-go. And one of the key success factors to any Service Management is managing the communication among various stakeholders.

We worked closely with our Principle Partner and End Customer in broad terms on the following; 

Project Kick-Off

Instilling a well organized and structured project kick-off session might seem like "just yet another meeting involving many people", but it is far from that. A skilled and experienced Project Transition Manager would know what are the items to be covered in a kick-off meeting.

These include, knowing who are the stakeholders, what are their expectations, what are the broad objectives and milestones, what are the known (and unknown yet) risks involved. And these consideration factors have to be considered simultaneously across the 4 major segments - People, Process, Technology & Financials, documenting project plan (tasks, ownership, risks) and many more.


Present Mode of Operations (PMO). Future Mode of Operations (FMO). Knowing the changes. What needs to be done. 5W+1H