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Managing New Workplace

Learn how PointGrab is adapting to our new post-Covid-19 reality through helping organisations deploy effective safe management in new workplace.

PointGrab CogniPoint

The CogniPoint sensing platform is comprised of highly intelligent workspace occupancy sensors and a cloud management system. The workspace sensors are installed in the ceiling and monitor pre-defined “Areas of Interest.”

The sensors detect people’s presence, locations and numbers, and send analytics data to the CogniPoint Management System over a secure, encrypted network connection.

The CogniPoint™ Management System then reports this highly accurate, real-time analytics data to integrated 3rd-party building systems, which use it for various purposes, from building systems monitoring and control to space analysis and planning.

Key Features

Large Area Detection

Designed to cover large spaces; one unit can cover up to 48 square meters (or 520 square feet).

Multiple Areas of Interest

Cover several defined areas of interest and report the occupancy for each area separately. Useful for cubicles setup and hot-desking applications where counting granularity is required.

Sensor Stitching

Areas of interest can be defined across several sensors through "sensor stitching". Useful for cases where a large space can only be covered by several sensors (e.g. a large meeting room).

Traffic Lines

Can be configured to detect and count bi-directional movement over a specific virtual line.

Use Cases

Office utilization and Planning

Flexible allocation and design of building space according to historical and actual utilization data to maximize real-estate use and and improve employees’ productivity.

Dynamic Workspace Space utilization

On-demand assignment of desks and rooms to accommodate employees’ changing needs throughout the day. Useful in co-working spaces and shared areas.

Smart Facility Management

Enabling and automating key facility management services with People Counting functionality, including Meeting Rooms, Phone-Booth, Collaboration Areas and many more.

Fostering Employee Collaboration

Capturing employees’ interactions to increase their productivity and well being.

Integrate Smart Building Management Systems

Using REST-API, integrate with industry standard or custom-built Smart Office Management Systems.

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