Extend your investments beyond warranty coverage to align with your IT strategy, whether migrating to the Cloud or supporting legacy applications. We offer suitable maintenance coverage.

  • 01. Extending IT Hardware Lifespan

    We offer maintenance coverage for various IT hardware, allowing our customers to extend the lifespan of their equipment beyond warranty coverage. This helps them maximize their return on investment and avoid unnecessary expenses.

  • 02. Support for Legacy Applications

    We recognize that many customers rely on legacy applications that require ongoing support. Our maintenance services cater to these applications, ensuring that customers can continue using their existing systems without disruption or the need for costly upgrades.

  • 03. Independent Maintenance Services

    We are committed to providing independent infrastructure equipment maintenance services. This means our customers have the freedom to work with a third-party provider like us, rather than being tied to specific manufacturers or vendors. We offer unbiased support tailored to their unique needs.

  • 04. Skilled Technical Professionals

    Our team consists of highly skilled technical professionals with expertise in major technologies and brands. We understand that customers require specialized knowledge and support for their specific IT infrastructure. With our experienced team, we can efficiently and effectively address their technical challenges.

  • 05. Comprehensive Supply Chain Network

    We maintain a complete and exhaustive supply chain network for genuine service parts. This ensures that our customers have reliable access to authentic parts for their IT infrastructure. By minimizing downtime and maintaining system performance, we help our customers operate smoothly and efficiently.

  • People

    By prioritizing training, development, and talent cultivation, we play a vital role in ensuring that our people possess the necessary skills, knowledge, and experience to drive organizational and project objectives effectively.

  • Process

    By strategically placing the right individuals in key positions, we establish a framework for identifying, designing, and regularly reviewing processes to ensure their relevance and alignment with objectives.

  • Technology

    By leveraging appropriate technologies and implementing automation, we unlock a new level of efficiency that contributes to the achievement of our overall objectives.

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  • Hewlett Packard
  • HP_Enteprise
  • Lenovo
  • Brother
  • Dell
  • Logitech
  • McAfee
  • MDaemon
  • Microsoft
  • 3M
  • poly
  • Synology
  • WatchGuard
  • apc
  • Jabra
  • Maxhub
  • ubiquiti
  • blancco
  • IT Infrastructure Maintenance

    IT Infrastructure Maintenance

    Our company provides comprehensive maintenance support for IT equipment, ensuring smooth operation and preventing costly downtime, even in cases where manufacturer support has been discontinued.

  • IT Managed Service

    IT Managed Services

    With our managed service engagement, we aim to alleviate the burden from your organization's internal IT team, allowing them to focus on more strategic initiatives and core business objectives.

  • Product Repair & Support

    Product Repair & Support

    Our company offers technical expertise in repairing and supporting various products, including servers, storage, PCs, notebooks, printers, MFPs, and interactive TVs, with diverse support solutions.

  • IT Infrastructure Build-&-Run for Small Medium Operations (SMO)

    IT Infrastructure Build-&-Run for Small Medium Operations (SMO)

    Our Small Medium Operations (SMO) clients rely on efficient IT infrastructures for smooth operations, and we assist in designing and constructing these solutions, with maintenance support packages and alternatives provided post-implementation.

  • End-User Computing

    End-User Computing

    Our expertise in Service Desk and Deskside Support has enabled clients to focus on their primary objectives while catering to end-user requirements in the rapidly evolving End-User Computing landscape.

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