When your workplace is everywhere, endpoint security is everything.

  • Effective

    • Full-stack security: Layered resiliency from hardware to cloud
    • Endpoint isolation stops what NGAV and EDR can’t even see
    • Printers with advanced detection and self-healing capabilities
  • Efficient

    • Integrated IT and security risk management
    • Fewer alerts and false positives
    • Reduced endpoint incident analysis and remediation
  • Productive

    • Manage risk without disrupting user experience
    • Enable work without worry, anywhere
    • Rapid IT disaster recovery at scale

Unique malware prevention

Threat Containment technology uses isolation based on micro-virtual machines to protect users and defeat phishing and other attack vectors NGAV and EDR solutions may let through. Malware can’t make its way around isolation measures because they are enforced by CPU hardware.

  • Mitigates attacks from email attachments, web links, and USB drives
  • Supported by AMD and Intel CPUs
  • More than 18 billion clicks without a reported compromise

Threat containment advantages across the organisation

Endpoint Protection 

  • Prevents phishing and ransomware from corrupting PCs or moving laterally
  • Patch management compensating control
  • CPU acceleration maintains app performance

SOC Efficiency

  • Fewer high-priority tickets and false positives
  • Less endpoint remediation
  • High fidelity visibility and threat intelligence

User Experience

  • Work without worry; open email attachments with confidence
  • Reduce “spot the phishing” exercises
  • No proxy delays or changes to application behavior
  • Micro-virtual Machines

    • Per-task isolation of potentially risky activity 
    • Hardware-enforced attack surface reduction 
    • Secure web browser
  • Isolated Introspection

    • “Safe Space” malware execution sandbox 
    • Realistic environment provides superior forensics of malware behavior 
    • Identifies previously unseen attack techniques and combinations
  • Analytics and Reporting

    • Centralised cloud or on-premises policy and event management 
    • Detailed per-event threat intel reports, including MITRE ATT&CK mapping 
    • Integrations via STIX/TAXII

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The information contained herein is subject to change without notice.

  1. HP Wolf Security for Business requires Windows 10 or 11 Pro and higher, includes various HP security features and is available on HP Pro, Elite, RPOS and Workstation products. See product details for included security features.
  2. HP Wolf Protect and Trace is available on select HP 600, 800, 1000, Windows based Elite Dragonfly Laptops, select 800 desktops, and Z1 G8 Workstations and will function when the device is powered on and connected to the Internet. HP Wolf Protect & Trace requires HP TechPulse to be installed by customer manually via a one-click download at hp.com/active-care or by providing consent at the time of your hardware’s first boot, which enables HP to install HP TechPulse to collect information related to the Device. HP TechPulse is a telemetry and analytics platform that provides critical data around devices and applications and is not sold as a standalone service. HP TechPulse follows stringent GDPR privacy regulations and is ISO27001, ISO27701, ISO27017 and SOC2 Type2 certified for Information Security. Internet access with connection to TechPulse portal is required. For full system requirements, please visit http://www.hpdaas.com/requirements 

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